Domestic violence situations would be grounds for an immediate divorce under a bill headed to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s desk.

The Louisiana Senate gave final legislative passage Thursday to the measure as it voted 35-0 to concur in House changes.

Senate Bill 292 would add to immediate divorce grounds situations where:

  • A spouse or child has been physically or sexually abused by the other spouse and
  • When a protective order or injunction has been issued against the other spouse.

The legislation would also require the court to consider the existence, effect and duration of domestic abuse during the marriage in determining the final spousal support.

SB292, sponsored by state Sen. J.P. Morrell is part of a five bill package pushed by the United Way of Southeast Louisiana dealing with domestic abuse issues.

“The state of Louisiana will be safer for women and men effected by domestic violence,” said Morrell, D-New Orleans.