The Louisiana Senate refused Monday to confirm the appointment of Monroe attorney Mark J. Neal to the Louisiana Board of Ethics.

Gov. Bobby Jindal appointed Neal to the seat on the 11-member board on March 31. He fills one of the seats that must be held by a lawyer.

No reason was given for the rejection.

Jindal appoints seven Ethics Board members, and two each are appointed by the House and Senate. Of Jindal’s appointments, three must be lawyers. Neal was appointed to fill a vacancy created with the resignation of Grove Stafford, an Alexandria attorney whose replacement had to be a lawyer to meet the legal requirement.

Neal’s name was on a list of three Jindal appointees who did not pass scrutiny by senators.

Others who were not confirmed are Alexcie Guillory Sr. of Sunset to the Highway Safety Commission and Shirley Lolis of Baton Rouge to the Louisiana Commission on HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C.

The Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee conducted confirmation hearings during the session. It then submits its recommendations to the full Senate. Senators can blackball appointees for political and other reasons.