Legislation appropriating $169 million for the expenses of the judiciary in the coming year is headed to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s desk for signing into law.

The Louisiana House on Tuesday voted 62-30 for the measure as it agreed to a $2.5 million addition made in the state Senate.

State Rep. Jim Fannin, D-Jonesboro, said the Senate restored some of the money the House had stripped from the judicial appropriations bill.

But state Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington, noted that the Senate addition is about the same amount of money the Legislative Fiscal Office said would be needed for the first year of a five-year judges pay increase plan.

The House had not added any extra money for the pay raises included in separate legislation, Senate Bill 188.

The pay raise bill won final legislative approval Tuesday when the Senate concurred in House changes on a 29-7 vote.

The House change cleared the way for sheriffs who meet certain requirements to get a pay raise piggybacked on the judges. SB188 also heads to Jindal’s desk.

VOTING FOR PAY RAISES FOR JUDGES AND SOME SHERIFFS (79): Mr. Speaker and state Reps. Abramson, Adams, Anders, Arnold, Barras, Barrow, Berthelot, Billiot, W. Bishop, Brossett, Brown, Burford, H. Burns, T. Burns, Burrell, Chaney, Connick, Cox, Danahay, Dixon, Dove, Edwards, Foil, Franklin, Gaines, Garofalo, Gisclair, Guillory, Guinn, Harrison, Havard, Hazel, Henry, Hensgens, Hill, Hoffmann, Hollis, Honore, Howard, Hunter, Huval, G. Jackson, K. Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, T. Landry, LeBas, Leger, Leopold, Lopinto, Mack, Miller, Montoucet, Moreno, Norton, Pierre, Ponti, Pope, Price, Pugh, Pylant, Reynolds, Ritchie, Robideaux, Schexnayder, Seabaugh, Shadoin, Simon, Smith, St. Germain, Stokes, Thibaut, Thierry, Thompson, A. Williams, P. Williams and Willmott.

VOTING AGAINST SB188 (18): State Reps. Armes, Badon, Bishop, S., Broadwater, Champagne, Cromer, Fannin, Geymann, Harris, Ivey, N. Landry, Lorusso, Jay Morris, Jim Morris, Pearson, Schroder, Talbot and Whitney.

NOT VOTING (8): State Reps. Carmody, Carter, Greene, Hodges, James, Lambert, Ortego and Richard.