New specialty “I’m Cajun” and “I’m Creole” vehicle license plates are just around the corner.

Legislation that would create the prestige plates won final legislative passage Tuesday on a 92-0 vote. That sent the measure, House Bill 147 by state Rep. Mike Huval, R-Breaux Bridge, to the governor’s desk.

The state Department of Public Safety would collect a $15 annual royalty fee with the proceeds going to the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana to solely fund scholarships for “La Fondation Louisiane for the Escadille Louisiane” program.

CODOFIL would design the plates that must incorporate “I’m Cajun....and proud” and “I’m Creole....and proud.”

Under HB147, a handling fee of $3.50 would be retained by Public Safety to offset a portion of administrative costs.