With the governor’s blessing, a new law will raise the minimum age of exotic dancers in Louisiana from 18 to 21.

Senate Bill 468 was approved by the Louisiana House and Senate, and on Monday the Legislature signed off on the final amendments which sends the bill to Gov. John Bel Edwards for final approval.

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Ronnie Johns, a Lake Charles Republican who said the underlying intention of the legislation is to combat human trafficking, which has been linked to some strip clubs in recent years.

Last year, stings in strip clubs in New Orleans found underage girls working at strip clubs who were involved in prostitution and drug dealing.

Not a single legislator in the House or Senate voted against the bill. But last week, it inadvertently got wrapped up in national headlines after State Rep. Kenny Havard, R-Jackson, attached an amendment to the bill which would have also mandated strip club dancers be younger than 29 and weigh less than 160 pounds.

Havard withdrew the amendment in the face of opposition, and later called it a joke and a statement about how he objects to over regulation of businesses.

The move drew the ire of several female legislators who called it insulting, sexist and inappropriate.

Havard has refused to apologize.

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