As promised, state Sen. Ben Nevers has rewritten his Medicaid expansion legislation to mirror Gov. Bobby Jindal’s national health care plan.

Nevers on Wednesday presented members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee with a substitute for his Senate Bill 107, which mirrors Jindal’s “America Next” proposal advanced by his Washington, D.C., based nonprofit.

Then he asked the committee to defer action for a week on the revamp to give time for its content to be digested and a fiscal note to be drafted.

Nevers said he would put the Jindal plan before legislators last week after his bill calling for a statewide vote on the issue of Medicaid expansion died.

SB107 started out as a proposal for Louisiana to adopt the private sector based Arkansas model for Medicaid expansion.

“Since that time there’s been a plan that’s been floated around that I think is much better and I’m proud to say it was developed by our present governor,” said Nevers, D-Bogalusa.

“I asked myself why wouldn’t we do that in Louisiana first,” said Nevers. “I call it Louisian First-America Next…He can show them exactly a plan, not only an idea, but a plan that works in the great state of Louisiana...I would be proud of him to implement this nationwide when he becomes the president of the United States.”

Nevers also directed remarks to Jindal’s state health chief Kathy Kliebert. “I would hope you would be here next week supporting the Jindal plan to deliver great health care to our citizens,” he said.