Legislation creating a lifetime concealed handgun permit sparked lengthy debate on the House floor Wednesday.

However, the extensive discussion had more to do with the sponsor’s greenness than House Bill 265 itself.

Legislators forced state Rep. Barry Ivey to don a glittery, Slinky-festooned sign signifying he was presenting his first bill.

Ivey, R-Central, admitted to colleagues that Wednesday was his 11th day in the Legislature.

After teasing him, the House voted 64-19 in favor of advancing the bill to the Senate.

“My bill is a really simple bill. All it does is eliminate a little paperwork for those who want to renew permits,” Ivey said.

Permit holders would have to fulfill an education requirement and testing once every five years.

Prepayment would be made for 20 years unless the applicant was age 65 or older. Then, prepayment would be made for 10 years.