Despite confusion over the proposal, a state Senate panel agreed Thursday to move legislation aimed at curbing the spiraling cost to the state on a tax credit for wind and solar systems.

State Rep. Erich Ponti, R-Baton Rouge, told the Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs that House Bill 705 would result in a dramatic shutdown in cost.

Ponti said the changes would include only allowing one credit per building, putting an end date on the benefit and excluding apartments.

“It’s a total clamp on the reduction of costs,” he said.

Committee members puzzled over four, purple-colored pages containing massive changes to the bill.

Finally, state Sen. J.P. Morrell said the likelihood of everyone leaving the committee meeting with clarity seemed dubious.

“Right now the state can’t afford the current plan,” he said.

Morrell, D-New Orleans, recommended moving the bill and resolving the confusion on the Senate floor, given the short time remaining in the legislative session.

The committee agreed, without objection, to advance the bill.