Wednesday at the Louisiana Legislature _lowres

Advocate file photo -- The Louisiana state Capitol building in Baton Rouge.

The move to create more neighborhood crime prevention districts in the state continues.

Two proposed districts in East Baton Rouge Parish go before a Louisiana House committee for consideration Thursday: one in the Tara subdivision and the other Villa del Rey.

As new ones crop up, the existing districts of Sherwood Forest and Wedgewood are back changing some of the terms under laws that created them.

The bills are on the agenda of the House Committee on Municipal and Cultural Affairs.

Other legislation scheduled for committee debate would authorize the city of Carencro to levy a hotel occupancy tax and remove a provision that a specific ship be exhibited by the Kenner Naval Museum.

The panel is one of four House committees meeting on the fourth day of the 2014 session. The Louisiana Senate adjourned Wednesday morning until 4:30 p.m. Monday.

The House returns at 9 a.m. Thursday, after which committees will meet.

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to take up proposed law changes dealing with alcohol and tobacco product regulations while the Retirement Committee takes up teachers retirement system laws, including those involving retirees returning to work.

The Labor Committee is set to listen to a presentation about “Star Jobs,” the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s web-based job search and career exploration tool.

The Legislature has approved creation of at least 50 crime improvement districts in the last 15 years. with 80 percent of them collective parcel fees today. Most of them are in East Baton Rouge and Orleans. At least seven bills have been filed in the current session that would either add to the number or alter current provisions some operate under.

The Tara Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District would, subject to district voter approval, have the authority to level a parcel fee initially not to exceed $100 a year. The initial fee could be raised up to 10 percent a year to a maximum $200, according to House Bill 289 sponsored by state Rep. Erich Ponti, R-Baton Rouge.

The Villa del Rey district would, with district voter approval, have the authority to impose a parcel fee of up to $250 per year under HB 1010 sponsored by state Rep. Alfred Williams, D-Baton Rouge.