House convenes at 2:00 p.m.

Senate convenes at 1:30 p.m.


Appropriations. At adjournment in Committee Room 5. Agenda includes:

HB2 Provides for the comprehensive Capital Outlay budget.

Education. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 1. Agenda includes:

HB248 Relative to the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence (voucher) Program, requires that scholarship recipients annually meet certain criteria for program participation.

HB541 Provides relative to a students access to an effective teacher.

HB643 Provides with respect to the payment of UAL and other retirement obligations from MFP to determine state-funded per pupil allocation for charter schools, course providers, and scholarship schools.

HB661 Provides relative to charter schools.

HB666 Requires certain payments from minimum foundation program formula funds to the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana.

HB673 Provides relative to facilities maintenance and repair at public postsecondary education institutions.

Health & Welfare. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 5. Agenda includes:

HB251 Requires DHH to institute Medicaid cost containment measures to the extent allowed by federal regulations.

HB562 Provides a limited exception to certain licensing requirements for home- and community-based service providers.

HB575 Provides for the definition of a rural hospital for purposes of the Rural Hospital Preservation Act.

HB602 Requires La. birth certificate forms to be produced in bilingual (English and La. French) format.

HCR7 Suspends laws authorizing DHH to implement resource allocation models for Medicaid-covered home- and community-based long-term care services.

HCR90 Creates a task force to study and evaluate the effectiveness of sexual health education programs used throughout the state and other states.

Insurance. 9:30 a.m. in Committee R oom 3. Agenda includes:

HB213 Extends excluded driver provisions.

SB53 Increases the continuing education requirements from six to twelve hours of approved instruction for title insurance producers.

SB101 Provides with respect to life insurance reserves.

SB120 Extends commissioner’s authority to grant reinsurance credits to captive insurers.

Ways and Means. At adjournment in Committee Room 6. Agenda includes:

HB316 Requires state agencies which administer tax credits and rebates to report certain information.

HB329 Removes the income requirement for purposes of qualifying for the special assessment level.

HB377 Establishes a registry for tax credits and provides relative to the period of time to report claims or a transfer to the registry.

HB444 Requires the termination of certain tax credits.

HB466 Provides relative to the assignment of performance-based letter grades to public schools and school districts.

HB483 Extends authority to grant tax credits for certain state-certified musical or theatrical facility infrastructure projects.

HB499 Requires state agencies which administer tax credits and rebates to annually report certain information.

HB501 Extends the sunset of the musical and theatrical production base investment income tax credit.

HB506 Authorizes expanded use of the Parish e-file tax collection system.

HB574 Increases the state excise tax on certain tobacco products.

HB617 Creates an income tax checkoff for the Louisiana National Guard Honor Guard for Military Funerals.

HB630 Provides for the transferability of the income tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic commercial structures.

HB681 Changes the definition of alternative fuel for purposes of the tax credit for conversion of a vehicle to alternative fuel usage.

HB686 Establishes the Firearm and Ammunitions Manufacturer Tax Credit.

HB704 Limits the amount of the deduction allowed for federal income taxes paid for purposes of computing the state tax on the net income of individuals.


Commerce. At adjournment in Committee Room E. Agenda includes:

HB76 Extends the sunset date for real estate appraisal management company licensing application assessments.

HB114 Repeals provisions relative to the acceptance of public funds by certain financial institutions.

HB176 Provides relative to withdrawals from cemetery merchandise trust funds.

HB222 Provides relative to qualifications for and enforcement of certificates of certified public accountants.

HB272 Provides for an application for licensure fee and licensure renewal fee for professional geoscientists and geoscientists-in-training.

HB314 Creates the Social Media Privacy Protection Act.

HB544 Allows the commissioner of OFI to promulgate rules to allow for a licensing exemption for certain registered mortgage loan originators.

HB580 Provides relative to the state uniform construction code.

Health & Welfare. At adjournment in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

SB198 Consolidates the functions of the Louisiana Emergency Response Network and the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services into the the Louisiana Emergency Medical Services and Response Network.

SCR25 Requests the LSU Board of Supervisors and the governor to keep the Huey P. Long Medical Center open and viable..

SCR41 Requests DHH to examine the benefits of routine nutritional screening and therapeutic nutrition treatment for those who are malnourished or at risk for malnutrition, as well as examine the benefits of such actions as part of the standard for evidenced-based hospital care..

SCR42 Acknowledges the role of optimal infant nutrition during first year of life and that new mothers require assistance to provide the best nutritional start for their babies and urges DHH to facilitate maternal and infant nutrition awareness and provide access to nutritional programs.

Insurance. At adjournment in Committee Room A. Agenda includes:

HB257 Adds a member to the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation’s board of directors.

HB543 Provides relative to regulation of surplus lines insurance.

Judiciary A. 9:30 a.m. in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

HB9 Increases the jurisdictional amount in dispute in the City Court of Shreveport.

HB192 Provides for the continuous revision of the Code of Civil Procedure.

HB216 Provides relative to the ability of the Patient’s Compensation Fund Oversight Board to invest certain funds.

HB578 Provides for intercountry adoptions.

HB588 Provides relative to extending liberative prescriptive periods.

SB27 Provides for the Louisiana Home Protection Act.

SB137 Provides relative to certain lien and escrow account procedures for certain construction contracts.

SB156 Provides relative to leases and residential lessee’s right to notification of foreclosure action.

SB188 Provides for salaries of judges as recommended by the Judicial Compensation Commission.

Judiciary B. 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room E. Agenda includes:

HB48 Provides relative to the exemption for law enforcement officers regarding carrying weapons in alcoholic beverage outlets.

HB127 Provides with respect to the La. Code of Military Justice.

HB177 Designates the Institute for Public Health and Justice as the primary research entity and advisor to the legislature on matters related to youth in the criminal justice system and youth with behavioral needs.

HB184 Authorizes certain nonprofit organizations to obtain criminal history record and identification files for applicants seeking to serve in certain programs.

HB312 Provides with respect to time limitations for the renewal of licenses under the Military Service Relief Act.

SB227 Provides for Families in Need of Services.

Judiciary C. 9:30 am in Committee Room F. Agenda includes:

HB5 Prohibits the enforcement of federal restrictions regarding the ownership or possession of semi-automatic firearms.

HB6 Provides that the crime of carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon on school property shall not apply to off-duty law enforcement officers.

HB8 Prohibits the release of information associated with concealed handgun permits or applications for such permits.

HB10 Adds certain hallucinogenic substances to the list of Schedule I controlled dangerous substances.

HB15 Adds certain compounds to the Schedule I classification of controlled dangerous substances.

HB261 Provides that the term of imprisonment for certain offenses concerning prostitution shall be served at hard labor when the offense involves a person under a certain age.

HB265 Provides for lifetime concealed handgun permits.

HB512 Provides relative to the interruption of time limitations for the commencement of a criminal trial.

HB717 Provides with respect to the reporting of certain judicial proceedings regarding the possession of firearms.

SB179 Provides relative to bail.

SCR55 Expresses intent of the Louisiana Legislature regarding the allocation and distribution of juvenile detention facility beds and requests study to evaluate how to ensure adequate access to beds for youth in juvenile detention facilities.

Senate & Governmental Affairs. At adjournment in Commtitee Room F. Agenda includes:

HB119 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

HB156 Provides relative to boards and commissions.

SB29 Constitutional Amendment to prohibit unfunded mandates on political subdivisions or public school systems, with limited exceptions.

SB133 Provides for the obligation of lottery board members to disclose certain business relationships to the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs.

SB167 Transfers the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board to the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism.

SB178 Requires the placement of voter registration application forms at certain retailers selling firearms.(gov sig).

SCR19 Express the intent of the Louisiana Legislature regarding Act No. 725 of the 2004 Regular Session..

SR15 Requires prefiling by January 15 of any legislative instrument which produces a net decrease in taxes, fees, charges or other revenues received by the state of $10 million or more annually in any one of the 5 fiscal years; a report by the proponents on the instrument’s economic effects; and a review of such report by the legislative fiscal office..

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