Home-based cookie and cake preparation businesses would no longer fall under the state sanitary code under a bill that won final legislative approval Tuesday.

The Louisiana House and Senate agreed to a conference committee report settling differences between the two chambers. The House voted 55-33 for final passage and the Senate 36-1.

Today, the sanitary code exemption applies to preparation of jellies, preserves, jams, honey and honeycomb products made in the home for sale. Gross annual sales cannot exceed $5,000.

Senate Bill 18, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Ward, D-Maringouin, would apply to cookie and cake home businesses that cannot employ anyone to assist in the preparation of the cookies and cakes.

The bill would raise gross annual sales to $20,000 for cookies, cakes, jellies, preserves, jams, etc.

SB18 does establish sanitary guidelines that the home businesses must follow.