Two former Louisiana governors joined other former state senators Wednesday for an annual Louisiana Senate reunion.

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards got a little politics in as he’s preparing for a congressional bid this fall, and noted current state Sen. Dan Claitor is also running.

“I would say some nice things about him except I don’t want to jeopardize his campaign,” Edwards joked.

He shared some Cajun humor - a Marie and Pierre joke - and talked of happiness with Eli - his 20-lb baby boy .

Then, former Gov. Mike Foster commiserated with current senators over having to deal with Common Core issues. “That’s a tough thing to vote on,” he said of the new academic standards in reading, writing and math.

Foster said he tried to find out what the issue was all about from students, principals and others. “Nobody could explain it to me,” said Foster. “How in the world you vote on something like that I don’t know.”