A group of Southern University alumni who retired from ExxonMobil have donated $100,000 to their alma mater.

The money will be used for scholarships for students who meet the required criteria, said Bonnie Jackson, chairwoman of the Golden Roots Annuitant Club, in a statement.

“We will continue to try to raise more money for Southern University,” Jackson said.

The club raised $25,000, which was matched 3 to 1 by ExxonMobil. The funds will be available for students in January.

Southern University Baton Rouge Chancellor James Llorens said the donation is important to maintaining and building enrollment on the Baton Rouge campus.

“We appreciate what the members of the Golden Roots Annuitant Club are doing to help us provide scholarships and assistance to students who are choosing Southern University,” he said in a statement. “This donation, no doubt, will help us attract and keep more of the best and brightest on the campus.”

The fall 2013 enrollment increased for the first time in eight years. The first-time freshman count rose 40 percent over the freshman class of 2012.