Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Friday signing two bills targeting uninsured drivers. But only one of the bills actually becomes state law.

State Rep. Kirk Talbot’s House Bill 851 died the minute Jindal signed state Rep. Barry Ivey’s House Bill 872. Both bills address the same area of law. Ivey’s bill now becomes the latest expression of law by the Legislature, shoving to the side the bill by Talbot, R-River Ridge.

The governor could have vetoed Talbot’s bill. He decided against sullying Talbot’s record with a veto. Talbot has been a friend to the Jindal administration.

Ivey’s bill slaps uninsured drivers with an additional $53 million in fees. The money will help set up a database that will allow law enforcement to immediately determine whether a motorist has auto insurance. Other dollars will boost State Police’s pay scale.

Talbot’s legislation also aimed to increase the penalties for uninsured drivers. His fee hikes conflicted with Ivey’s increases.

“It all worked out in the end,” Talbot said.

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