Years ago, vegetable gardening wasn’t a hobby; it was an assignment. As noted in a previous column, fruits and vegetables planted and harvested were consumed during the cold months. Today, the task is a hobby enjoyed by my brother Kevin. He cranks-up his “Rototiller” rotary hoe to prepare the garden and if it’s on the “fritz,” he “puts in the garden,” as our grandfather would call it, the old way. The actual preparation in western Pennsylvania began in February with what were called old storm windows. The elevated windows were placed over the seedlings and even though there was snow on the ground, the window acted like a mini-greenhouse. Kevin has “spaded the garden” just as Grandpap Price did when we were kids. He also visits his chiropractor the day after. Fastcast: Rain.


TODAY: Bookend Rain (sun t-storm) 81/66

MONDAY: Humid (partly cloudy) 85/69

TUESDAY: Muggy (partly cloudy) 84/67

WEDNESDAY: More Clouds (cloudy) 84/67

THURSDAY: Late Storms (sun t-storm) 78/53

FRIDAY: Cooler, Drier (sun) 73/50