Thought it was unusually cold this morning?

You were right -- record-setting cold in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Temperatures in Baton Rouge dropped to 50 degrees by 6:41 a.m., breaking a low for this date of 51 set in 1917, according to the National Weather Service office in Slidell.

In New Orleans, the overnight low at Audubon Park was 56 degrees, breaking a record of 57 set on this date in 1973.

National Weather Service meteorologist Robert Ricks blamed the unusually cold weather on vestiges of cooler air from Canada and described it as “a little of a carry over of the weather we had over the winter.

“We caught the system just right to bring it down here,” he said, explaining similar systems are more likely to just bring dryer air going forward into June.

But this cool spell is not quite over.

Ricks said forecasters expect it to drop to 47 degrees overnight in Baton Rouge, breaking a record of 51 set in 2006.

In New Orleans, it should get down to 55 degrees, he said, but that won’t break a record. The record at the airport is 46 degrees, set in 1973, he said.

Don’t get accustomed to these cooler temperatures, he added.

“This should be the end of it,” Ricks said. “We will be bouncing back up into the upper 80s and lower 90s by next week.

“It’s going to get pretty hot, pretty quick.”