As noted in a previous column, Acts of God, The Old Farmer’s Almanac compiled a list of events that are in The Blizzard Hall of Fame. On Dec. 26, 1778, nine German mercenaries froze at their posts in Newport, R.I., in a blizzard that later became known as the Hessian Storm. As it struck southern New England, 50 people died in subzero temperatures that included an 18-inch snowfall. Offshore gales associated with the storm beached 28 vessels on Staten Island. The Blizzard Hall of Fame also recognized an event on Dec. 26, 1947, when one of New York’s deepest snowfalls put 27 inches of new snow on the ground in Central Park in 24 hours. Twenty-seven people died from the storm; snow removal costs rocketed to $8 million.

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