A tradition of “The St. Patrick Day Parade, The Wearin’ of the Green” is the day designated for the parade. The feast day of the patron saint of Ireland is March 17, the day that Padraig (Patrick) died in 460 A.D.

Parades in the United States began to recognize St. Patrick and the influence and heritage of the Irish in the workforce and the political, social and religious communities.

Our parade began in 1986, advanced by Robert Grey Hammett’s 2.6-mile route from Acadian at Hundred Oaks to Perkins Road. It has been billed as a rain-or-shine event, and we’ll enjoy the “shine” this Saturday.

The World’s Shortest Street is Bridge Street in Hot Springs, Ark. The 98-foot street also boasts the World’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Fastcast: Perfect.