Looking back 37 years found me at my girlfriend’s home for Thanksgiving. Her “Muth-aa” informed me that I incorrectly pronounced Houston -”eweston” and humid - “u-mid.” Conversation at Mom’s Thanksgiving table requires an interpreter. “You have something comin’ up,” means an item on your schedule or an upset stomach. “Reddin’ up,” is a directive to straighten your room. “Am I in your road?” - is getting in someone’s way and “warsh” is wash - the nation’s capitol is “warshington.” Thanksgiving dinner includes mashed “baa-tate-us,” and the state west of Pennsylvania is “Oh-high-Ya.” While, smile, pile and towel are pronounced-”wow, smow-wool, pal and tile.” A “sweeper” is a vacuum and vittles today are in “push buggies” or grocery carts.