Our grandfather, Bert Price, lived with us in the same home that his children were born. A retired “railroader” at U.S. Steel, he chewed Mailpouch tobacco, gardened and read two newspapers every day from front to back. He watched only two television shows: “Lawrence Welk” and “Studio Wrestling.” As noted previously, he never had a driver’s license but would sit on the front steps watching the cars, waving at them when they honked. No matter what the season in western Pennsylvania, he wore the same clothes: long johns, coveralls, flannel shirt with suspenders, boots, work gloves and his railroad hat. Predicting today’s and Saturday’s thundershowers reminded me of Gramps when we would sit on the back porch glider during a thunderstorm. Not saying anything, just sitting, gliding and watching. Great memories. Fastcast: Showers.