Friday’s column shared the wintry weather in Erie, Pa.

Gannon University was located adjacent to the lake on Perry Square. Our fraternity house was blocks away from campus.

Visiting with my frat brothers Pete Fresina, Dennis Noble, Swede Carlson, Ernie DeSantis, Jim Suppa, “Bullwhip” Wilkins, Eddie Engelmire, Rick Moran and Tony Pasquale, I remembered grasping the ropes stretched between the maples that afforded us a means of getting to class during a “white-out.”

Our other options were “Sup” Suppa and “Bear” Hughes. These big guys blocked the wind and snow as we huddled behind.

Our profs complained that we smelled of beer. Bear and Sup were wearing their Erie Beer Budweiser jackets en route to make their deliveries.