Inauguration Day 2013 recorded a daytime high of 47 and this morning, Washington, D.C. awoke in the 20s. In 1841, President William Henry Harrison gave a lengthy speech, rode a horse from the Capitol with no hat or overcoat, caught a cold that became pneumonia and died a month later. In 1853, President Franklin Pierce was sworn in during a blizzard. Outgoing President Millard Fillmore’s wife was in attendance, caught a cold that developed into pneumonia and died days later. President William Howard Taft’s ceremony went inside due to 10 inches of snow in 1909. Trees toppled and streets were clogged as 6,000 workers cleared 58,000 tons of snow. In 1937, Franklin Roosevelt rode to the White House in an open car with an inch of water on the floor after a record 1.77 inches of rain. Fastcast: Nice.