As noted in a previous column, the Sause boys, Mike and Kit, attended the Ohio State-Michigan blizzard in the 1950s. Thursday’s Sugar Bowl game reminded me of Jan. 1, 2002, when LSU played Illinois.

Tiger fans packed the Super Dome on a cloudy, cold day. Rain changed to sleet, then flurries. At the end of the game, snow was accumulating in Baton Rouge.

Our son, Michael, frolicked in 2 inches of snow while our daughter Katie slept through the episode.

After Ohio’s blistering of Alabama on Thursday, the Sause boys decided to replicate 2002.

Kit resides in Destin, Fla., Mike in Baton Rouge. After the game they jumped in their car and drove north to Ohio, not to return to festivities on Ohio’s campus but to enjoy another early January snow event.