My first Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge found me at my girlfriend’s home for Thanksgiving — she’s now my wife. Her “Muth-aa” informed me I incorrectly pronounced Houston — “eweston” and humid — “u-mid.” Today at my Mom’s Thanksgiving table, an interpreter is needed. “You have something comin’ up,” means an item on your schedule or an upset stomach. “Reddin’ up” is straightening your room and “the table” identifies past experiences during breakfast, lunch or dinner. “Am I in your road?” is getting in someone’s way and “warsh” is wash. The nation’s capitol is “Warshington.” Thanksgiving dinner includes mashed “baa-tate-uz,” and the state west of Pennsylvania is “Oh-high-Ya.” While, smile, pile and towel are pronounced “wow, smow-wool, pal and tile.” A “sweeper” is a vacuum and “push buggies” are grocery carts. Fastcast: Warm, dry.