The column today includes an excerpt, presented nine years ago on this date and Katrina’s landfall. “After 48 hours of on-air coverage of Katrina, this devastating, catastrophic storm, some comments. In every hurricane conference attended, the New Orleans “model” has occurred. The worst-case scenario Monday morning mirrored expectations of the Hurricane Center in Miami. Numerous storms have skirted and hit New Orleans including: the October 10, 1837 Hurricane, the September 22, 1909 Hurricane, the October 2, 1915 Hurricane and the September 6, 1948 Hurricane. Named storms include Hilda in October-1964, Betsy-September 12, 1965, Fern-September, 1971, Bob-July 12, 1979, Elena-September 2,1965, Juan-October 29, 1985 and Florence-Sept. 9, 1988.