Confessions of a young scalper

Don Landry’s new book, “Boxing: Louisiana’s Forgotten Sport,” has us old-timers recalling the days when high schools had boxing teams and LSU had one of the top programs in the country.

(By the way, Don will discuss his book Oct. 19 at the Louisiana State Museum’s “Lunchtime Lagniappe” program. A small plug here: I’m on the next week.)

I was an LSU student during boxing’s glory days there.

Once some buddies and I went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl boxing tournament, matching LSU and Syracuse.

Outside the Municipal Auditorium, we saw people looking for tickets, and realized the event was sold out.

We knew scalping was illegal in most places, but this was New Orleans — and who knows what’s illegal there?

So we sold our tickets for a tidy profit.

Then we saw someone offering tickets, and bought them for less than we had been paid for ours.

In a short time, we found a gent wanting tickets, and sold ours again — again for a good profit.

This went on right up until the first match, when we bought our final tickets from a guy desperate to unload them at any price.

We wound up with great seats and a nice pile of cash — which later that evening we blew in short order on Bourbon Street. (No doubt we were the first college students to ever do that. …).

Organ recital

An anonymous reader tells of the parishioner who called Broadmoor Baptist Church and asked, “Do you have an organ fund?”

The receptionist answered, “No, but we’re having a blood drive.”

Organ recital II

Christy Hotz, of Mountain Brook, Ala., says, “The law firm I work for is running ads across the country looking for people who’ve taken a diabetes drug that’s been found to cause bladder cancer.

“One day I took a call from a gentleman from Mexia, Texas:

“ ‘I’ve been taking that drug for years,’ he said. ‘How do I join the lawsuit?’

“ ‘Have you been diagnosed with bladder cancer?’ I asked.

“He replied, ‘Well, now, uh, do you mean the urinary bladder, the gall bladder, or what? Which bladder we talkin’ ’bout here?’ ”

Joyful noise

As a former marching band cymbal player, I’m delighted to report that on Saturday 22 bands will gather at Dutchtown High for the Sixth annual Dutchtown Invitational Marching Band Festival.

Gates open at 9:30 a.m. and the bands start at 11 a.m.

For information, contact Margaret Schlaudecker at

Worthy causes

Georgia-Pacific Port Hudson Operations and the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council are supplying the East Baton Rouge Animal Control Shelter with paper towels, copy paper and

other paper products.

The two joined to help after the Companion Animal Alliance, the nonprofit group which operates the shelter, sent out a “wish list.”

GP is donating the paper products and the recycling council is transporting and storing them.

Safe sailing

Baton Rouge Sail & Power Squadron holds “America’s Boating Course,” an eight-hour boating safety course, at 9 a.m. Saturday in the conference room at Whole Foods, 7529 Corporate Blvd. The cost is $30, and you can register at the door or pre-register at (225) 753-1920 or

Golfing vets

Sponsors are needed for a free golf tournament for veterans and active duty military personnel Nov. 11 at BREC’s Beaver Creek Golf Course, sponsored by the American Legion. Contact Clarence von Aspern at

Special People Dept.

F.J. and Jenny Petitfils, of Baldwin, celebrate their 63rd anniversary Monday.

Thanks a lot, kid

Kay Pressley tells of the joy of teaching preschool:

“During story time recently, a student commented, ‘Ms. Kay, you have very close veins.’

“I responded through pursed lips, ‘My, you are very observant.’

“Needless to say, that story time was cut short, as I needed to make an appointment for a spray tan ASAP!”

Weather report

Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, heard this told as a Cajun story, but I heard it as an Aggie story. Take your pick:

Boudreaux was late getting home because he stayed in the carwash for three hours.

He thought it was raining too hard to drive.

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