Anchovy eaters need love too

Here’s one from our “There’s No Accounting for Taste” file:

Once, after I complained that a fish taco I had in California was ruined by too much cilantro, I heard from readers who loved cilantro, and suggested there must be something wrong with me if I didn’t like it.

Now the same thing is happening with anchovies.

When I said bartenders should warn us before putting anchovy-stuffed olives in martinis, I heard from Stephanie Hyde:

“As a public service, I believe you should publish the name of any establishment serving anchovy-stuffed olives in its martinis so they can be avoided (i.e. so I can go there).

“Last century, while working at Mr. Gatti’s, I learned to love the smelly, salty, slimy things.

“One of the delivery drivers taught me the secret to NEVER having to share your pizza with anyone else - include anchovies. And it works!

“The problem is you grow to like them. A lot.”

Stephanie adds, “Kudos to Papa Murphy’s, by the way. If you ask for anchovies, they give you an adorable little tin of them to put on your pizza before cooking. Too cool.”

Now that’s busy!

Richard Guidry, of Zachary, comes up with an interesting expression:

“I’ve been so busy I don’t know whether I found a rope or lost my horse.”

Dead reckoning

Greg from Zachary wonders about a “confusing casket article” in the Monday Advocate.

“It says a company is offering a lifetime guarantee for caskets.

“Is it an eternal guarantee?

“Is it for the lifetime of the person who purchases it? If that is the case, then is the guarantee null and void after the person dies?

“Can you help me here? I’m just a simple man from a simple town.”

Happy to help, Greg.

Here’s how the guarantee works:

If you’re not happy with your casket, simply return it to the store and your purchase price will be cheerfully refunded.

This applies, of course, only to unused caskets.

Happy returns

Wana Ann Fort thanks Dottie Knox, who found her escaped boxer Klara and called the number on the dog’s collar:

“Dottie said she was driving down Goodwood when she saw a dog standing by the roadside.

“Her mother did not want her to stop the car, but Dottie said she has four dogs, and had to check on this boxer.

“When her little girl got out of the car, Klara, who loves children and loves riding in cars, did not run.

“Since she had her leash on, they held her while they called us.

“We shall forever be grateful to Dottie for her concern and caring, helpful spirit.”

Looking for people

Baton Rouge General Mid-City needs “committed volunteers” to serve four-hour weekly shifts in the gift shop; surgery waiting room; Physicians Plaza Wound Center; and admit areas.

Call Emily Franklin or Laura Laub at (225) 381-6609.

Special People Dept.

- Helen Fairchild, of Greenwell Springs, celebrated her 96th birthday Wednesday.

- Hazel Roy, of Brusly, celebrated her 96th birthday on Wednesday.

- Julia Arnold of Williamsburg Retirement Community celebrates her 93rd birthday Thursday.

- Dorothy and Lester Jay, of New Iberia, celebrate 60 years of marriage Thursday.

- Verlee and Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, celebrate 60 years of marriage Thursday.

- Lester and Rita Strate celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday.

Hot as ...

Thanks to Julie Sears for the nice postcard from Screams Ice Cream in Hell, Mich.

On the card, Julie complains, “Every time I go to Hell (Michigan) they are having a heat wave. What am I doing wrong?”

Sticker shock

Robert A. Smiley, of Denham Springs, likes this bumper sticker:



Risky business

The current debacle in Washington reminded Algie Petrere of this story:

A tourist parked his car in downtown Washington, D.C.

He said to a man standing near the curb, “Listen, I’m going to be only a couple of minutes. Would you watch my car while I run into this store?”

“What?” the man huffed. “Do you realize that I am a member of the United States Congress?”

“Well, no,” the tourist said, “I didn’t realize that. But it’s all right. I’ll trust you anyway.”

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