Dog Daze!

 We had 143 entries in the contest this time. Lots of you sent in jokes about hot tin roofs, several were about where dogs do their business and a few were just weird and therefore funny.

Great job, everyone! 

The winner and finalists are listed below:


Joe Toman --- New Orleans, LA  (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Mariano Hinojosa --- Baton Rouge, LA  “Do you think the hot weather is what drives them to drink out of the toilet?”

Artie Kirsch--- Metairie, LA ” Of all the choices for a new roof, you went with tin?

Jack D. Harris--- New Orleans, LA “ Dat just goes to show ya; it’s much betta to be a “cool cat” than a “hotdog”!!!”

Kye Cantey --- Crowley, LA  “I told you this paper has gone to the dogs.”

Rick Davis --- New Orleans, LA  “I’m glad I don’t poop outside.”

Michael Hecht --- New Orleans, LA  “If you can’t stand the heat, stay here in the kitchen. ”

Nice job, folks! Stay cool…


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