John de Mond says my comment concerning the nasty shock of biting down on an anchovy-stuffed olive in a martini reminds him of the late Dr. Ted Ford:

“Dr. Ford was a pioneer in Gulf of Mexico marine science, a director of LSU Sea Grant and a world-class curmudgeon.

“He had a close association with the group at Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries conducting ecological monitoring of the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP), and it was there that I met him in 1979.

“Ted had a great fondness for martinis, and kept all the fixings in his locker at the Faculty Club.

“He was particular about his olives having to be those stuffed with anchovy.

“For a Christmas present to Ted one year, we replaced all the pimentos in a jar of olives with bay anchovies fresh from one of our offshore trawl samples.

“Each olive had a tail sticking out one side of the olive and mouth, gills and eyes out the other.

“A full jar of these was a disturbing sight, and gave new meaning to the traditional toast ‘Here’s looking at you!’ ”

Fishy story

Speaking of stuff that watches you consume it:

Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut, says, “I can sympathize with the little girl who didn’t want to eat black-eyed peas ’cause they were looking at her.

“I could never eat tapioca pudding after my brother told me that those little balls in there were fish eyes!”

Tall shoes blues

Daphne Crawford says, “I too am thankful for the many people who helped Julie Kay after a fall on the sidewalk” (mentioned in the Monday column).

“But I think Julie needs to ‘come clean’ about what really made her fall on that early morning stroll.

“At a church service the previous Sunday, Julie showed up dressed as Lady Haha (Lady Gaga’s unknown twin) to promote an upcoming talent show at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church.

“Along with an outrageous wig and outfit, the shoes, er, cement risers, that Julie had attached to her sandals were anything but safe to walk on.

“I can’t help but wonder if she took a shine to this new footwear and decided to try them out at home!”

Looking for people

• Carolyn wonders if there are still photographers who go around with ponies taking pictures of kids on them:

“We have all of the older kids’ pictures, and would love to get pictures of the little ones.”

Contact her at or (225) 273-6559.

• Nancy LeBlanc says the Fitbird Falcons, a youth triathlon team with a division for “paratriathletes,” has been practicing this summer for the Rocketkidz Triathlon.

The event includes swimming, biking and running or rolling in a wheelchair.

Volunteers are needed “to line the race course and cheer on the Rocketkidz” on Sunday morning.

To register as a volunteer, click on the link and complete email to Shelly Worthington at for more information.

Colorful event

A “Black and Orange Social” on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Greenoaks Reception Center marks the one-year anniversary of the 10/31 Consortium.

The group is sponsoring the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade, with proceeds going to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

The social features drinks, food, entertainment and door prizes for those who bring donations to the Food Bank.

Go to

Special People Dept.

• Elsie Cain of Lake Sherwood Village celebrates her 95th birthday Wednesday.

• On Wednesday Margaret Andrews of La Plantation Retirement Center in Denham Springs celebrates her 90th birthday.

Cool plate

Liz Treppendahl says her favorite personalized license plate “was one I saw on a snazzy little sports car that passed me driving from New Orleans to Baton Rouge: ‘2THDR.’

“It took me a little while, but I figured it out.”

A timely fire

Jack R. Kemp says, “About 60 years ago I had a cookbook from a major meat company that contained a recipe for ‘jambalaya.’

“It called for one can of Vienna sausage and one can of tomato soup, heated together and served over Minute Rice.

“I didn’t try it, but I burned the book so no one else could.”