Dr. George Bourgeois, of Opelousas, says, “It seems to me that, especially in the political arena, when behavior is referred to, the word ‘inappropriate’ has become an overused euphemism for ‘lewd and lascivious.’

“Would you agree?”

(Yes, and there’s another word for such behavior, especially in the political arena, and especially when it’s aired on social networks: STUPID.)

A pledge to you

In line with the above discussion, I want my readers to know that I make this promise to them:

I will never post nude pictures of myself on Facebook or any other social network.

I know this disappoints a lot of you, but so be it. …

Which reminds me

Speaking of embarrassing photos:

I was lunching with Istrouma High classmate Vernon Yielding at Doe’s Eat Place when we got to talking about our participation in the school’s Boys Beauty Pageant.

I won it, by the way. …

Years later, my son Tommy, in high school, was dating the daughter of a guy in my class at Istrouma.

They came across her dad’s high school yearbook, and were going through it when they found a photo of me receiving the beauty pageant trophy.

I was wearing a flowing white chiffon gown, tiara and pumps.

“Last date I ever had with that girl,” Tommy told me.

Is this a coup?

Maybe I’ve been having Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, in the column a bit too much.

He says former Lt. Gov. Bobby Freeman greeted him at Walmart with, “I’m glad to see that Smiley is back in your column. …”

Thanks, ole friend

Jack Worthy responds to retired People Editor Pat Tessier’s advice that “old friends” is not a good way to refer to longtime friends:

“My longtime (and late) friend P.V. Slocum, of The Advocate advertising department, preferred ‘ole friend,’ a term of endearment, over ‘old friend,’ a term of longevity.”

The flood dramatized

John Boulet, of River Grove, Ill., says William Faulkner’s story “Old Man,” about the 1927 Mississippi River flood, was dramatized twice on TV:

“The first was on Playhouse 90 in 1958; the second was on Hallmark Hall of Fame in 1997.

“In the Playhouse 90 version, Sterling Hayden played J.J. Taylor, the Angola convict, and Geraldine Page played Addie Brice, the pregnant woman rescued by Taylor.

“In one memorable segment, Addie goes into labor in the skiff and Taylor just barely gets to shore before the baby’s birth.

“As the skiff is pushed up on the muddy riverbank, Addie crawls out, screaming in agony.

“Once off camera, the first cries of the newborn infant are heard.

“A powerful scene for 1950s television, when the word ‘pregnant’ couldn’t be uttered on ‘I Love Lucy.’ ”

Looking for stuff

Elena O’Brien says Baton Rouge Little Theater needs to borrow props for the summer musical “Hairspray.”

Needed are 30 “classic” 45 rpm records in their covers and eight red dodge balls.

Contact the box office at (225) 924-6496 or boxoffice@brlt.org.

Special People Dept.

Nell Anderson celebrates her 97th birthday Thursday.

Leila B. Chaney celebrates her 93rd birthday Thursday.

Gracie McNemar celebrates her 93rd birthday Thursday.

The Rev. Marjorie Kass, founder and first minister of the Unity Church of Christianity, celebrates her 90th birthday Thursday. There’s a party at 2 p.m. Saturday at her residence in Lakewood Quarters.

Charlie and Marian Gant celebrate their 67th anniversary Thursday, and Charlie celebrates his 40th year running the Patio Lounge, the legendary saloon.

Cecil and Hilda Pennington celebrate 60 years of marriage Thursday.

Myrtis and Clark Fooshee, of Jackson, celebrate 60 years of marriage on Thursday.

Hail to the cthef

Steve Babin is starting a campaign to draft John Folse as a presidential candidate.

“If he runs and wins,” says Steve, “he would be the nation’s first commander in chef.”

Geography lesson

Bertha Hinojosa had just finished explaining a math problem to her first- and second-grade gifted class at Glen Oaks Park Elementary when one of her students exclaimed, “I think Mrs. Hinojosa is the best teacher in the world.”

Another student quickly added, “She is even better than that; she’s the best teacher in the whole parish.”