The news that the LSU-Kentucky game on Oct. 1 will have an 11:21 a.m. kickoff reverberated through this community like Mike’s roar in Tiger Stadium.

The dreaded early-morning kickoff, mandated by TV commitments, has long thrown this tailgate-centric town into the proverbial tizzy.

Years ago, I was going to take my son, Tommy, to an LSU-Alabama game so he could experience the magic of a night game in Tiger Stadium.

Alas, the kickoff was moved to morning, and our planned po-boy feast at the Pastime turned into a scrambled egg breakfast at the LSU Union.

Happily, we’ve learned to adapt to early games.

For instance, Randy Wesley says before the game the Pastime “will be serving a light breakfast as well as Bloody Marys and Mimosas.”

We may not like those early morning kickoffs, but we don’t let them stop the party. …

Childspeak revisited

Sue Conran says Roy Miller’s story about his granddaughter viewing “cantaloupes” at the zoo “reminded me of several words from our granddaughter, Alexa, when she lived with us.

“She told me one morning that she would like some ‘cameloupe’ for breakfast.

“During the Christmas season we saw a house with hundreds of white lights, and she commented that the people who lived there must be ‘Muskimos’ because it looked like an igloo.

“She also referred to Judge Judy’s gavel as a ‘judge stick.’

“She is now a junior at LSU — majoring in foreign languages.”

By the numbers

Dale Ulkins says, “Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of daughter, Sarah, learning to count to 100.

“Quite fittingly, after graduating from LSU she went on to become an accountant.”

Just you wait

After readers discussed sources for great stuffed pistolettes, Myrna Tullier revealed the best she’s ever had.

But there’s a catch. …

“The pistolettes are the most popular item at the St. Peter’s Catholic Church Fair in Bordelonville,” she says. “The booth selling them was the first to sell out on Sunday.”

She says 20 pigs were cooked at a giant cochon de lait, and 2,000 plates of pork were served, along with more than 150 cakes.

The catch here is you’ll have to wait until mid-September 2012 to sample these delicacies.

According to Myrna, they’re worth the wait. …

Life savers

Pat S. Juelg thanks firefighters and Emergency Medical Services personnel on Flannery Road “for the successful attempts to save my life during my recent medical emergency.

“These are all gorgeous guys, and if we had a calendar in Baton Rouge, I would nominate every single one of them to represent each month.”

Worthy causes

Sue Hilliard, grandmother of a cancer survivor, says blood products “from any female who has never conceived a child are considered very valuable to children who are cancer patients.

“Request that any donations be credited to St. Jude Clinic. Call Our Lady of the Lake Blood Center at (225) 765-8843 for more information.”

Looking for photos

Alzheimer’s Services wants photos of families and caregivers with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s disease for a “Faces of Alzheimer’s” digital photo display at the Shaw Center in November.

Email photos — they won’t be returned — clearly labeled to or mail to Dana Territo at Alzheimer’s Services, 3772 North Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70810.

Special People Dept.

• Frances Muffoletto Vicknair, of the Muffoletto’s Hot Tamales family, celebrates her 95th birthday Wednesday.

• Louis and Mary Rose Clement, of Plaquemine, celebrate their 61st anniversary Wednesday.

Life in the tropics

Fran Blum says, “During the recent cool weather break I received a phone call from my granddaughter asking me to please take her shopping for some ‘long-sleeved’ pants.

“So of course I took her. Hope she needs them again soon.”

That’s Victoria’s secret?

Janice Walter says daughter Renee and grandson Taylor, of Breaux Bridge, have been discussing the identity of Santa Claus lately.

When on a shopping trip, Renee finally confessed there was a possibility she had assumed that role, Taylor replied:

“Wait till I tell my buds that Santa is in the lingerie department buying bras!”