Judy Buzzinotti Beeson says it’s hard to get away from Louisiana:

“On a trip to Alaska, I arrived in the quaint little town of Skagway on a July 4th.

“Seeing that the July 4th parade was about to begin, I took my place on the street.

“When I looked down the street and saw the first car coming, announcing the theme of the parade, I burst out laughing.

“The theme was ‘New Orleans Mardi Gras’!

“Go figure, I’m in Alaska at a Mardi Gras parade; too funny!

“It doesn’t end there.

“The following February I went back to Alaska to attend the start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race.

“While staying at the Mount Aleskya Ski Resort, the Double Muskie Restaurant was highly recommended to us, so my mom and I caught a shuttle there.

“When we entered I had to laugh again.

“The entire place was decorated with Louisiana memorabilia — Louisiana license plates on the walls, Mardi Gras beads hanging from the ceiling, Louisiana pictures on the walls etc.

“It’s like I’m trying to get away from home, but something won’t let me!

“Probably next time I go there they will have ‘Choot ’Em’ shirts for sale!”

Finished product

Patricia Oates, adding to our bumper sticker collection, says this is the only one she’s ever had on her car:

“God created man first.

“You need a rough draft before a masterpiece.”

The Irish Gourmet

Jimmy Gill asks, “Is there a restaurant in Baton Rouge that regularly (once or twice a week) serves GOOD corned beef and cabbage?

“Mandina’s closed and returned to New Orleans.”

Smoking Zapp’s?

Annabelle Armstrong says, “My granddaughter Molly Armstrong asked her father Kenny, ‘What is in tobacco that makes it addictive?’

“He said, ‘Nicotine.’

“’They must put it in potato chips, too,’ she said, munching away.”

Inquiring Minds Dept.

• David Earle is curious.

He read in the Wednesday Advocate, in an article on solar energy and “green” jobs, that 2.2 percent of Baton Rouge’s jobs are “clean” jobs.

He asks, “Does that mean 97.8 percent of us can now qualify for the TV show ‘Dirty Jobs’?”

• Chuck Hustmyre is also curious:

“Why is Staring Lane pronounced ‘Starring,’ as in an actor starring in a lead role?

“The word ‘staring’ means to look intently at something.

“How did Staring Lane get its name, and why do we mispronounce it?”

(Don’t know; I’m still busy trying to figure our PiCARDy.)

Bargain eats

Marie Merrill says mention of a Kolb’s restaurant menu from the ’70s caused her to look up an old menu from Pinetta’s European Restaurant that her son Dennis in Stockton, Calif., sent her recently.

She says it’s from the mid-’60s, when he was an LSU music student.

A spaghetti and meatballs lunch would set you back $1, a dozen fried oysters or shrimp cost $2, and a seafood platter was a whopping $2.50.

You could wash it down with a 35-cent Miller, or enjoy a rum-laced café royale for 50 cents.

Worthy causes

A benefit for the late Jenna Fabre and daughter Sianna Paddie, 5, will be held Sunday at Magnolia Sports Bar in Denham Springs from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Jenna Fabre died in an automobile accident in May and Sianna is hospitalized in critical condition.

There will be jambalaya and pastalaya dinners, raffles, auctions and a poker run.

Contact Kenny or Heather Efferson at (985) 687-6849 or Angela Favaron at (225) 328-4053.

Special People Dept.

Morris Cutrer and Amelia Lege Watson celebrate their 50th anniversary Thursday.

Potential candidate

Harriet St. Amant says, “Reading over several articles in this morning’s Advocate, it has occurred to me that I have several qualifications to run for public office.

“In the first place, I’m real good at spending other people’s money …”

Close, but…

Harold Mayeux offers an example of how a word can be very similar to another word but still be inaccurate:

“We were vacationing in Gulf Shores, Ala., when we caught a large jellyfish in a bucket.

“While viewing it on shore, a passerby looked at it and exclaimed, ‘Man, look how long those testicles are!’”