After we mentioned the streakers who invaded St. Joseph’s Academy in 1974, I heard from one of the miscreants — let’s call him “Jim.”

He says he’s the only one of the three streakers who remains in Baton Rouge:

“We were from U-High’s senior class. There were originally two carloads of streakers, but the number dwindled to just three dedicated souls.”

One of the streakers, Keith, wrote of the event:

“We circled the school and saw what looked like the entire school awaiting our arrival — they had been told we were coming.

“Everyone dropped out except Jim, Chuck and myself.

“We planned to leave because of the crowd, but some girl shouted ‘Chicken!’ and our budding manhoods were insulted.

“We jumped out in front of the school, and ran almost naked (I was wearing a gorilla mask, a bowler hat and shoes) through the courtyard and across a field behind the school, where our escape vehicle was parked.”

Keith says they saw a nun, Sister Dorothy, but denies she ran them off, as previously reported.

Back at U-High they encountered the principal and “two irritated nuns,” and wound up losing their senior privileges for the rest of the year.

The naked truth

Andrea Clesi McMakin, former WBRZ anchorwoman, was a senior at St. Joseph’s in 1974.

She tells of viewing streakers that spring, but heard they were from Lee High. (Maybe there were two sets of streakers that year?)

“I remember being in chemistry class, in the middle of an experiment, when a group of streakers entered the SJA school grounds and ran across campus.

“All the girls in my chemistry class dropped the safety glasses and with mouths open peered out the open windows from the second floor.

“After the streakers, the school was put in ‘lockdown’ so they could not offend us again.”

Living dangerously

Kim Seago, now living in Columbia, Tenn., is a brave LSU fan.

She says she wore her LSU cap and shirt to the doctor’s office for an examination — “to both show my pride in LSU and aggravate Tennessee fans.

“Of course I would never do anything to remind them of Tennessee losing to LSU in football.”

(Sounds like you might have to return to Baton Rouge for your medical treatments, Kim …)

Worthy causes

• A “Live’r It Up” benefit for Donna Castille, who is recovering from a liver transplant, will be held Saturday at Cajun Cove, 4550 Concord Ave., from noon to 7 p.m.

There will be music from three bands, jambalaya lunches, a silent auction and raffle.

Donations can be made at Chase banks, to the account “Tina M. Thibodaux for the benefit of Donna Castille.”

Contact Tina at (225) 936-7287 or

On Friday night the Krewe of Apollo will provide entertainment to raise funds for Donna.

• A benefit for cancer patient Hope LaForme will be held Saturday starting at 11 a.m. at the Bayou Bar on Airline Highway in Gonzales.

There will be a poker run, band, dinner plates for sale and an auction.

Call Gwen Jones at (225) 695-3722.

Special People Dept.

• On Thursday G.W. Richardson of Gonzales celebrates his 92nd birthday.

• Raymond and Jean Wascom celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday. They were married in New Orleans and have lived in Baton Rouge since 1953.

• Billie and Joe Roman, who moved to Baton Rouge from Chalmette after Hurricane Katrina, celebrate 55 years of marriage Thursday.

The littlest explorer

Marvin E. Borgmeyer heard of this classroom exchange:

Teacher: “Maria, go to the map and find North America.”

Maria: “Here it is.”

Teacher: “Correct. Now class, who discovered North America?”

Class: “Maria.”

Heir today…

Ernie Gremillion says his dachshund Abby became an instant hit with the kids in the neighborhood:

“The little boy next door was especially fond of her.

“Once when he was playing with her he asked me, ‘Mr. Ernie, not that I want something to happen to you, but if you die can I have Abby?’

“I responded, ‘Sure.’

“When I told my wife, she laughed and said she could just picture, if something happened to me, him coming over and telling her as serious as could be that I promised him Abby.”