A wave of cool air spins through the area this morning. Waves along the Lake Michigan shoreline from Chicago to northwest Indiana created some interest Friday. Joggers and bicyclists thought they were enjoying a beautiful day on the lake when the winds increased to 50 miles per hour. A bike and jogging path between Oak and Fullerton was covered with dangerous waves within minutes, causing hazardous conditions. The unexpected wind also snapped power lines and temporarily closed the Indiana Toll Road for big rigs. In the Pacific Ocean, off San Diego, it’s not unusual for masses of algae to form a red tide that depletes oxygen and poisons fish. When the organism, Lingulodinium polyedrum, is thrashed in the ocean it emits flashes of blue light, creating fluorescent waves.

Fastcast: Sunny, Cool

Sunny, with a high near 79 degrees. Northerly winds between 5 and 10 mph. Tonight, clear, with a low about 50 degrees. Northerly winds around 5 mph becoming calm.