Beth Chauvin came across this list of “Things I Have Learned Living in the South.”

Some may sound familiar:

e_SBlt “A possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road.”

e_SBlt “A true Southerner knows the car with the turn signal flashing is probably not going to turn.”

e_SBlt “ ‘Gimme some sugar’ does not mean the white stuff you put on cereal.”

e_SBlt “Sweet tea is a little bit of iced tea in your glass of sugar, and the only appropriate drink for all meals.”

e_SBlt “People actually grow, eat and like okra.”

e_SBlt “ ‘Fixinto’ is one word, meaning ‘I’m getting ready to do that.’ ”

e_SBlt “You don’t PUSH buttons; you MASH ’em.”

e_SBlt “ ‘Y’all’ is singular. ‘All y’all’ is plural.”

• “’Bless her heart’ is the Southern way of saying she doesn’t have a clue as to what’s really going on.”

“If you understand these forward them to your Southern friends and to those who just wish they were from the South; bless their hearts.”

Divine stop

I recently had a story from a reader who said it was “divine intervention” that she pulled into a service station in a storm and met a destitute family she could help.

Elizabeth A. Boutte has another one:

“My mom, Marsha Boutte, and I were on our way back to Baton Rouge last weekend when we pulled off at the Sulphur exit to use a restroom.

“I told my mom to stop at the Raising Cane’s, but she insisted we go to the McDonald’s.

“Just as we entered the restroom, there was a lady on the floor. Her husband was trying to revive her.

“My mom immediately started giving her CPR, and I got the phone from a McDonald’s employee.

“The woman’s name was Lisa. We started praying for her even while talking to 911.

“After medics arrived, it took them 30 minutes of chest compressions and shocking her heart to get her breathing again.

“We met her two kids, Alex, 9, and Maya, 5, who were out in the lobby.

“I prayed with them, and they remained incredibly strong.

“As Lisa was transported to the hospital, my mom left her name with McDonald’s.

“We received a phone call from McDonald’s saying that the family wanted to reach us.

“Lisa is in a medically induced coma but is responding.

“It was truly divine that we were there at that particular moment. I have never been more proud of my mom!”

Towns merge?

Doug Johnson, of Watson, comments on a Monday Advocate article about an agreement between Mayor-President Kip Holden and Mayor Pro Tem Mike Walker:

“The front-page story titled ‘Holden, Walker deal put on hold’ made me wonder what those two towns were up to.

“Bet I’m not the only Livingston Parish resident with that first reaction.”

(And this Spanish Town resident had the same initial reaction, Doug.)

Lost art

Jim Firnberg notes a recent column item used the phrase “service station.”

He says, “I would like to know where that service station is located.

“Baton Rouge has an abundance of gas stations or filling stations, but I don’t know of any service stations.”

Litter patrol

Martha Upton says, “I want to commend the Troop A officer I saw stopping his police unit on Highland Road to pick up garbage.

“How nice it was to see that!

“It made an already beautiful drive just a little bit nicer. Thanks!”

Special People Dept.

• Phil and Corinne St. Amant celebrate 71 years of marriage Wednesday.

• Harvey and Frances Davis, of Baker, celebrate their 68th anniversary Wednesday.

Big bang theory

Sherry Campbell says, “On a trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, our 9-year-old son did not seem impressed by the grandeur of the canyon.

“A while later, we were going through a small museum along the trail that details the geology that formed the Grand Canyon.

“Obviously confused, our son finally whispered, ‘Mom, where’s the big CANNON?’ ”

Returning the favor

From our “Extremely Silly” file comes this observation by Dan Burkhalter, the Carencro Curmudgeon.

He comments on our recent item from a lady who said her “alpha” hummingbird wouldn’t allow other birds or squirrels on “his” feeder, but let a lizard drink its fill:

“Maybe it’s because the lizard saved him $300 on his car insurance. …”