It seems flu shots are encouraged earlier each year. As noted in a previous column, there is a rocket propulsion system in all of us referred to as the proverbial sneeze. A human sneeze hits a speed of 100 mph, while a human cough has been clocked at 60 mph. In 2009, scientists researched how a virus can spread on a plane. One case determined a passenger from Madrid to Tel Aviv passed the virus to a woman seated a row away. Researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health believe a sick person’s cough spreads droplets within seconds; those seated closest get the biggest dose. Airline officials contend air-circulation systems reduce the risk and are cleaner than air in schools and homes.

Fastcast: Warm.

Areas of dense fog before 10 a.m., then sunny. High near 83. Calm winds becoming southerly at 5 mph. Tonight: 30 percent chance of showers, after 1 a.m. Low around 54. Calm winds becoming northerly at 5 mph.