Thursday’s article told of the intense winds in the Pyrenees Mountains and an area called Ampurden and of Salvador Dali’s desire to harvest this wind and power a pipe organ. Almost 19 years after his death, Spanish entrepreneurs fulfilled Dali’s dream and built a giant, wind-powered organ originally designed by Dali. As noted in a previous column, engineers at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona built two prototypes. A “wind accumulator” collects the mountain wind in a giant funnel that is pushed into a pressure regulator that blows through 500 pipes of the organ. The accumulator factors the wind’s unpredictability and lets the organ play itself on windy days and lets the organist play it on calmer days. It was built near Dali’s birthplace of Figueras and is still played.

Fastcast: Chilly.

Sunny, with a high near 73. Calm winds becoming northeasterly at 5 mph. Tonight: Clear with a low about 45. Calm wind.