There she is. Happy, content, and in perfect peace. All of her needs are met and she has not a single worry.

Let’s call her Amber. Amber was conceived three months ago and now lives in the sanctuary and safety of her mother’s womb. It will be her home for the next six months. Amber’s fully formed, with arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes. She has her own DNA, different from her mother’s. Amber can feel pain. An ultrasound reveals Amber sucking her thumb while her heart beats just like yours and mine. Amber is in an enviable spot, at the beginning of life with so much ahead of her. But tragically, Amber’s life will soon come to a horrifying end. An abortionist will rob Amber of her life before she is allowed to pass though her mother’s birth canal.

I often hear my pro-choice friends say they don’t like abortion and wish that there were fewer of them. But they also say the decision to end the life of a child should be up to the mother. But shouldn’t a child’s rights matter, too? What about Amber’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? A mother’s womb should be the safest place on earth. It’s where life began for all of us. Psychology Today reports there is new research evidence suggesting that babies begin learning patterns of language before they are born.

The good news is that in New Orleans, a city well acquainted with death and sorrow, the abortion rate is lower than many other major cities. Planned Parenthood would like to change that.

“Planned Parenthood is looking at places like California and New York, and they are seeing the higher rate of abortions and they are thinking how do we get that rate here in New Orleans. They see the low rate of abortions in New Orleans as a problem, ” said Ben Clapper, of Louisiana Right to Life.


A woman against Planned Parenthood stands in front of supporters during the Planned Parenthood Rally in Duncan Plaza in New Orleans, La., Friday February 10, 2017.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and has a facility in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but it is without a license to perform abortions in those places. The organization has applied for a license to begin to abort babies in its New Orleans clinic. Internal documents reveal Planned Parenthood believes it can perform 2,844 abortions each year at the New Orleans facility. It uses the number to describe the “unmet need” for abortions in New Orleans.

But there’s already an abortion clinic operating in New Orleans on General Pershing Avenue, only blocks from Planned Parenthood’s clinic. In 2016, the Women’s Health Care Center performed more than 3,200 abortions in New Orleans, according to statistics provided by the Louisiana Department of Health. And yet Planned Parenthood hopes to increase the number of abortions performed in New Orleans by an additional 2,844 with its facility. Approximately 5,000 babies are born each year in Orleans Parish. If Planned Parenthood gets its license to perform abortions, then the city would begin to see more abortions than births each year, although some of the babies aborted could come from surrounding parishes.

Planned Parenthood sues state Health Department, claims state is ignoring its permit application

“New Orleans needs peace. There’s a lot of violence on the streets right now. Planned Parenthood wants to increase the violence of abortion in New Orleans,” said Clapper.

Planned Parenthood is suing Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration, claiming the state has violated its constitutional rights by ignoring for more than a year its application to do abortions. Edwards, a Democrat who is courageous in bucking his own party on abortion, should be credited for not caving into Planned Parenthood’s crusade to increase the number of babies aborted in New Orleans. The governor has been rock solid on pro-life issues.

An abortionist steals from the child things we all take for granted, like enjoying a delicious meal, watching a sunset or going for an early morning walk. Life is so full of wonderment. We are fortunate to have received the gift of life. It’s heartbreaking and so sad to think of the millions of babies denied what we all enjoy.

I hope the governor does everything in his power, within the law, to at the very least delay as long as possible Planned Parenthood’s desire to increase abortions in New Orleans. Nothing on his plate compares in magnitude.

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