At Daly & Spraggs Drug Store in Waynesburg, Pa., a customer told owner Byron Daly it would rain on July 29, 1874. Questioning how he knew, the customer responded it always rained on his birthday: July 29. As noted in a previous column, Daly began wagering customers, not for cash but a hat. In the past 137 years, it’s rained 112 times on July 29.

Byron’s son, John, continues the tradition, and the Rain Day Festival of hat-wagering continues today. John has won hats from Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Johnny Carson, Arnold Palmer Jay Leno and Chubby Checker. Harry Anderson, of TV’s “Night Court,” was a bettor in 1988; it didn’t rain, and the hat he was sent appeared on the bookshelves behind his desk for several episodes.

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