The World Meteorological Organization selects storm names. Worldwide regional associations evaluate storms as to intensity and destruction, determining if a storm name should be retired. A regional hurricane committee recently dropped “Igor” and “Tomas” from the list of hurricane names for the Atlantic Basin because of their severity in 2010. The June AMS Bulletin reports that under the WMO’s name schedule, six lists of names rotate on a yearly basis. Igor and Tomas could have been returned to the list in 2016. In recognition to sensitivities of regions hit by storms, 75 names have been retired since 1954. Igor hit Newfoundland on Sept. 21, 2010, with three deaths and $200 million in damage. Tomas was credited with 69 deaths and $600 million in damage in the Caribbean.

Fastcast: Broiling.

A 30 percent chance of storms after noon. Mostly sunny and hot. High near 98. Heat index values as high as 105. Tonight: 20 percent chance of Rain. Low about 76. Southerly winds 5 mph to 10 mph.