We recently moved to Baton Rouge from another state that planted wildflower seeds in the medians of both the interstate and state roads. The money used to fund the plantings came from an additional amount of individual donated money which was added to the cost of our license plate renewals. My husband and I chose to do this and felt the donation was quite worthwhile when we saw that the medians had to be mowed less, the flowers reseeded themselves and the interstate/state highways looked beautiful!

Obviously, from the sighting of Louisiana license plates supporting a variety of “causes,” this could be done in our state as well. What would we need to do to request that “wildflower” license plates be offered in Louisiana?

A state law would be required to add wildflowers to the list of specialty license plates, said Michelle Rayburn, spokeswoman for the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. The earliest that such a bill could be introduced would be during the 2012 regular legislative session.

Rayburn said Louisiana already offers more than 100 specialty plates. “If they can get the Legislature to pass it, we go from there and work with that group,” she said.

Rayburn said she can be reached at (225) 925-4228 for more information.

Bug spray stations

On a recent trip along Interstate 10 through Florida, I noticed at some of their rest sites, they had drive thru bug spray machines. Sounds like a good idea. Any chance Louisiana would consider these for our rest sites particularly along I-10?

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has no plans to install drive-thru carwash equipment, said Lauren Lee, a spokeswoman for the agency.

The DOTD oversees nine rest areas, mostly at interstate entrances to Louisiana. The sites include tourist information, vending facilities, 24-hour security and wireless Internet access.

The department, like other state services, is also hampered by reductions in state and federal aid amid

economic problems.

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