What does it say about a society when a major communication method involves gluing stickers to the rear bumpers of your vehicles?

Mary McGehee adds to our list of significant bumper messages — with a dash of irony.

“I saw a great bumper sticker on a blue Honda on Perkins Road.

“The sticker said, ‘Hang up and drive!’

“I thought it was appropriate — the driver was, of course, on her cellphone!”

Hold the rice

Carrol Jordan offers another example of an out-of-state restaurant’s attempt to cook Cajun:

“A few years ago, a Cajun (he claimed to be from New Iberia) opened a Cajun restaurant in Mountain View, Ark.

“A lady friend from up north asked my wife and me to go with her to sample ‘real Cajun food.’

“When we were seated, I checked the menu for something typically Cajun.

“The very first thing on the menu was jambalaya — ‘served over a bed of rice…’ ”

Poor Mike

Mike Lukacin adds to our seminar on tomato sandwiches:

“Living on a farm in Pennsylvania many years ago, I always enjoyed a fresh tomato-and-butter sandwich.

“We were too poor to afford oleo, so I had to use home-churned butter.

“Oh, did I mention that the bread was home-baked?”

Nostalgia Corner

Abe Leonard found in the back of a closet a July 4, 1971, luncheon menu from Kolb’s, the German restaurant in downtown New Orleans.

The special of the day — roast pork loin, candied yams, turnip greens and tossed salad — would set you back $2.65.

The sauerbraten lunch was $2.25, as was the broiled red snapper. Veal kidney stew was $1.95, and kippered herring was $1.75.

Half a broiled Florida lobster was $3.75, and the rib-eye steak was $3.50.

You could wash it down with a 45-cent local beer or a 65-cent martini.

The handywoman

Vernon Yielding says, “I was really impressed with our neighbor Shirley Alford’s mechanical abilities.

“While driving home to Clinton from SLU in Hammond in a rainstorm, the rubber portion of her windshield wiper blade came off.

“This was a minor problem for her.

“She wrapped a hand towel around the blade and kept driving.”

Sitting pretty

Carolyn Lantz has another S&H Green Stamps story:

“Somewhere around 1967, I joined a bridge club.

“Needing a card table and four chairs, I took my stamps to the Green Stamp store and made my purchase.

“That table and those chairs are still used on bridge nights, and are still in good condition.

“Same table, same chairs, and guess what— many of the same ladies!”

Worthy causes

The Louisiana Lady Cruisers are joining with St. Vincent de Paul and the A.C. Lewis YMCA to collect and distribute boots and shoes to the homeless in the Baton Rouge area.

The Lady Cruisers announce their first annual boot and shoe drive, Wednesday through July 6.

Collection boxes will be at Cycle Gear, Friendly Yamaha, Hammond Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson of Baton Rouge, Hebert Cycles, Lightspeed Motorsports, Millet Motorsports, Rad Cycles and Moto Rouge.

Thank-you note

Jennie Hilliard thanks Gerry and Faye De Gruiter, the residents of Whealdon Estates, and all the many other folks who took part in a jambalaya and spaghetti benefit dinner for Gabe Hilliard, a young man being treated at M.D. Anderson in Houston for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

She says it was a true community effort.

How hot is it?

This weather report from T-Bob Taylor, of Panama City, Fla.:

“It’s so hot here that some of the politicians are chasing after money from some of us taxpayers — and we’re all walking.”

Missing the point

Pat Decell Irwin says, “We had a lot of family in and out this weekend.

“At one point, I was in the office with the two youngest grandchildren — Max, 7, and Mickey, 4.

“Mickey said to his big brother, ‘I want to play hide and seek.’

“When Max said, ‘OK,’ Mickey said, ‘I want to hide first.’

“Again Max said, ‘OK.’

“Then Mickey asked, ‘Where do you want me to hide?’ ”