Walt Handelsman: Latest Caption Contest Winners!

Pitiful Politics

Our State Capitol may be weakening under the weight of political dysfunction but your punch line writing just keeps getting stronger!

With 198 entries this time around, we had so many clever punch lines. From plays on Right-leaning politicians to several twists on lacking backbone, it looks like this contest gave folks a chance to vent their frustration over the whole mess.

Our winner took home the top prize with a simple and hilarious play on words.

Well done! 

The winner and finalists are listed below:


Daphne Barry --- New Orleans, LA  (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Peggy Broussard --- Baton Rouge, LA  “To think! We trusted them to keep it straight!!!”

Marilyn Pickett--- Lafayette, LA “ With all of them falling down on the job, we should’ve seen this coming…”

Kent Adams--- Baton Rouge, LA “ I’m not surprised. They didn’t take care of our roads either.”

Julian Kurtz --- Opelousas, LA  “Seems like the lack of backbone has spread!”

Susan M. Webre --- Metairie, LA  “Looks like another monument toppling at taxpayers’ expense!”

Frank Prattini --- Mandeville, LA  “They couldn’t pass a budget, now it looks like there’s a “lien” on the Capitol building. ”

Mark Marley --- New Orleans, LA  “The rot has spread from the politicians to the building!”

Melissa LeSage --- Pride, LA  “It must be sliding off the fiscal cliff. ”

Michael F. Freeland --- Metairie, LA  “They may be leaning right, but there’s something crooked about the whole process!”

Great job, everyone!!!!!


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