Dr. Joe Ricapito, after an academic conference in Belfast, visited the south and west of Ireland — and found that America has influenced Irish food in an unexpected (and somewhat alarming) manner.

“While in Dingle we went to a fish and chips restaurant.

“As I entered and saw a list of the various things they prepared, I was shocked to read ‘Fried Mars and Snickers.’

“In Dublin we went to a restaurant in the Wicklow mountains. The menu was written on a chalkboard.

“Do you know what they listed for a dessert? Mississippi Mud Pie!”

“Barry Fitzgerald and James Joyce must be spinning in their graves.”

A Scout’s good deed

Susan Saurage-Altenloh, of Houston, says her brother, Hank Saurage, sent a note to his family telling how he had responded to a wreck on the interstate one morning:

“I witnessed an 18-wheeler collide into a Honda four-door sedan.

“The Honda was forced into the retaining wall and flipped a couple of times, landing upside down.

“I immediately pulled over and ran to the car occupied by a woman who was screaming and crying.”

He said she was hanging by her seatbelt, which was restricting her breathing.

Others were trying to pry open the crushed door, but Hank said he thought they could get her out through the back door if someone supported her when he released the seatbelt:

“We reclined her seat, supported her entire body, and released the seatbelt.

“We got her out safely just as paramedics arrived.”

Hank, a former Eagle Scout, told his family, “The point is, Scouting taught me many things. I used some of those skills that day.

“Thank you, Boy Scouts!

“The second point is ‘Wear your seat belt. It may save your life.’”

Nice People Dept.

Harriet St.Amant says, “People seem to be in the gracious mode of thanking service people for their extra touches.

“In that vein, I want to commend our regular mail carrier.

“He goes above and beyond frequently — in fact, any day we haven’t yet picked up The Advocate from our lawn by the time he reaches our house, he picks it up for us and puts it on the front porch.

“This is a lovely gesture, and one we appreciate very much.”

Worthy causes

Steven Babcock says Dempsey’s Poboys, 13580 Coursey Blvd., will be open Sunday to “kick-start fundraising for the 2012 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.”

He says 100 percent of proceeds will be donated by “Team Dempsey’s” at the 2012 race.

The “Party in Pink” is from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and features brunch specials as well as the regular menu.

Steven adds a personal note: “This is my brother-in-law’s place, and he is doing this to help find a cure for his sister, my lovely wife, Mary Gugich.”

Spooky computing

The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council has a “Spooky Savings Special” on refurbished computers until the end of October.

The special gives customers $10 off any purchase over $50, and customers dressed in costume will receive $20 off regular prices.

Call 225-379-3577.

Special People Dept.

e_SBlt Jennie LeBlanc, of Paincourtville, celebrated her 94th birthday Wednesday.

e_SBlt Velma Mixon, of Central, celebrated her 91st birthday Wednesday.

e_SBlt Willie Mae Landry, of White Castle, celebrated her 90th birthday Saturday.

e_SBlt Ray and Emma Welch, of Oakwood Village in Zachary, celebrate their 70th anniversary Thursday.

e_SBlt Arthur and Connie Taillon, of Gonzales, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday.

• Dottie and Wayne Jenkins, of Zachary, celebrate 55 years of marriage Thursday.

Running joke

Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, offers this advice:

“Don’t argue politics with your in-laws, unless they happen to be rich Republicans.

“In that case, run for Congress.”

Say what?

John Pebworth says our stories recalling full-service gasoline stations remind him of this tale:

“In the ‘70s I owned such a station.

“We cleaned the front and rear windshields, checked oil, etc.

“When one of my teenage employees returned to the office after servicing a customer, I asked why he did not clean the windshield.

“His reply: ‘I got through before I finished.’”