Bo Bienvenu has noticed “the rapid advancement in technology is leaving so many of us seniors more and more electronically disadvantaged”

So, he says, it’s time for some inventor to come up with an electronic device for seniors baffled by iPod, iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth, Blueberry, BlackBerry etc.

Says Bo: “In addition to the mundane things like phone, camera, video recorder, GPS, computer and the like, it should schedule doctors’ appointments, refill prescriptions, and send out birthday, anniversary and holiday emails as required.

“It should be so simple a 12-year-old can’t use it.

“It would do whatever we need with simple voice commands, and would automatically update itself and upload, download, send and receive whatever we want when requested.

“It would ring loud enough for us to hear it, but would not disturb the people 100 yards away.

“It would cut itself off whenever we enter church, and when we get to the head of any line where we need to interact with another human being.

“It would also emit a pleasing beep when we walk off and leave it, so it can easily and quickly be found.

“When this device is invented, I think it should be called an ELDERBERRY — and I want one.”

Out of the loop

Speaking of the technologically challenged, Bob Furlow says at a family gathering he was chatting with his sisters Margie and Sue and brother Jim about ways to keep in touch.

After one of them mentioned keeping up with each other by email, Jim asked, “How many stamps does that email take?”

No bull!

Vernon Yielding comments on the article in The Advocate on Sunday about South Sudan becoming the world’s newest nation:

“I was amazed to see their first celebration was just like our politicians’ celebrate.

“They dusted themselves with white cow dung. …”

A capital answer

Marti Didier says, “My husband, Gerald, and I were at Alex Box Stadium on Friday with grandson Aaron, who was attending the LSU Baseball Camp.

“After lunch Will Davis, assistant baseball coach, was talking to the boys on the ‘Detroit Tigers’ team (10-11 years old), and gave them a quiz on LSU baseball trivia.

“After several questions about baseball at LSU, Coach Davis asked, ‘What is the capital of Louisiana?’

“There was a silence, then one little Tiger said ‘LSU!’ ”

Green heaven

Self-described “foodie” Rod Graf says the readers who turned down green gumbo in California might have missed out on the New Orleans Creole classic gumbo z’herbes, made famous by the legendary Leah Chase, of Dooky Chase restaurant.

“Indeed, gumbo z’herbes is green. It is made with several types of fresh greens.”

Looking for stuff

• “Peaches” came across some turnips “as big as grapefruit and tender and sweet” and wonders if anyone knows what they’re called and where to buy seeds.

• B. Garrett Meadows seeks an “authentic autographed photo of former Louisiana Governor Richard Leche.”

He’s at

Special People Dept.

• Lena and Pete Martello celebrated their 68th anniversary Monday. They were married in Paris, Texas, while Pete was serving in the Army during World War II.

• Oscar and Marilyn Abshire, of Gueydan, celebrated their 50th anniversary Friday.

Loose talk

Harry Clark, of Lafayette, says, “Having reached middle age, I realize that the term ‘skin tight’ is very relative.”

Sam’s song

George Lane notes that rock star Tom Petty has sent a cease-and-desist letter to presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to get her to stop using his song “American Girl” at her rallies.

George says that, judging from her past statements, a more appropriate tune for her might be Sam Cooke’s soul classic, “Wonderful World.”

You know, the one with the opening line, “Don’t know much about history …”

Fair warning

Paul O’Bannon, of St. Francisville, says, “My favorite bumper sticker EVER was on a white Volvo being driving by a conservatively dressed, attractive, mature lady.

“The sticker read, ‘I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun.’

“I followed at a safe distance …”