Lester Jay, of New Iberia, a proud octogenarian, tells how he scored a hole-in-one on the golf course — without using a golf ball:

“After completing our round of golf, I started home.

“Just before I reached the gate, I scratched my right ear. There was no hearing aid!

“I immediately wheeled around and returned to the clubhouse, informing the pro I had lost a hearing aid, and to call if anyone found it.

“The next morning I went back to the clubhouse, planning to retrace my shots and look for the hearing aid.

“Upon entering, I was handed an envelope containing my hearing aid!

“It was found on a green in the cup, marking the second hole-in-one in my career!

“You could call it a ‘Miracle Ear’!”

Part-time Cajun

Proud Hokie Don Albritton says visitors to LSU-Virginia Tech games in Blacksburg, Va., should know that Boudreaux’s restaurant, mentioned here earlier, “is only named that when LSU is visiting. The true name is O’Leary’s, and they serve a great bowl of Irish pudding.”

Bread tax

Phil Ragusa comments on Sam Gallo’s lament about being charged for bread in a restaurant:

“Those upscale restaurants with their ‘fine’ dining want to get into your ‘fine’ leather wallet!”

Edited version

Rhetta Sellers says, “Your recent story about the older man at a gym reminded me of my late husband Monty.

“After attending his first rehab session at The Heart and Fitness Center, he proudly told me that the physiologist, who was very young and very cute, remarked that he had the body of a 35-year-old.

“On his next visit I inquired and was told that she actually said he had the BODY FAT of a 35-year-old.”


After Wana Ann Fort told of spotting a rose-breasted grosbeak on her feeder, we heard from others who enjoyed seeing the beautiful bird:

Sonny Pate: “Each spring for approximately the last five years we have the rose-breasted grosbeak appear at our feeders in Tara.

“Some years they are only here for a few days, but one year we had the pleasure of their company for almost 10 days!”

Carol Knight: “Yes, we had the rose-breasted grosbeak twice in our yard, visiting one of our bird feeders.”

M.L. Peterson: “My husband spotted a rose-breasted grosbeak in our yard in Central in May of 2010, and has a picture of it.

“We have lived in Central for over 30 years and never saw one before!”

Flat nice people

Doug Treadway thanks “a young man named Nick who came to my rescue in a supermarket parking lot, helping me change a flat tire caused by a screw.”

He also thanks the guys at Jetstream Tire & Auto Care, who fixed the flat after “experts” elsewhere told him it couldn’t be fixed “but they would sell me a new tire for a couple hundred bucks.

“I continue to maintain my faith in the human race, especially here.”

Day brightener

Warren, Aline, Billie, Kay and Julie say, “We were having lunch at the Mike Anderson’s in Gonzales after a delightful visit to the Convent area.

“When we finished our meal, we were asked by the waitress what we would like for dessert.

“It seems two ladies who had been seated in a booth close to our table had paid for our treat before leaving.

“This complete surprise from total strangers, with whom we had not even exchanged a greeting, was truly ‘the icing on the cake.’

“For their kind gesture, we offer a big thank-you!”

Special People Dept.

• Leon J. Minvielle Jr. celebrated his 94th birthday on Monday. He’s a World War II veteran, having served in the 7th Armored Division.

• Sandy and Sindee Bonacorso Roppolo celebrated their 50th anniversary Monday.

Today’s groaner

Harriet St. Amant has learned that the New Orleans pro football team has a new sponsor, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

She says, “Their theme song will be ‘When the Saints Go Margarine’.”

Moving message

Riley Landry of New Orleans adds to our collection of great bumper stickers:

“Here’s one I saw on the back of a pickup truck several years ago:

“ ‘Yes, this is my pickup truck. No, I will not help you move.’

“Wish I knew where he found it, so I could buy one for my own truck!”