Is there a plan to widen Old Hammond Highway from Boulevard de Province to O’Neal Lane, and, if so, what is the status?

Jonathan Charbonnet of CSRS, the project manager for the city-parish Green Light Program, says that section of Old Hammond Highway is split into two separate projects:

1) Old Hammond Highway 1 (Boulevard De Province to Millerville).

2) Old Hammond Highway 2 (Millerville to O’Neal).

OHH1 currently has an active design study for the intersection at South Flannery.

OHH2 has a completed design and right-of-way maps. The city-parish Department of Public Works has submitted an application for federal funding through the Capital Region Planning Commission and state Department of Transportation and Development for right of way acquisition and construction funds.

Project cost estimates, which include environmental, engineering, utility relocations, right of way acquisitions, testing and inspection services, and construction, are as follows:

OHH1 — $14 million, which includes $9 million in construction costs.

OHH2 — $18 million, which also includes $9 million in construction costs.

Cycles and Segways and bikes, oh my!

“What is the most effective way to prevent crime: horse patrols, motorcycle patrols, Segway patrols or bicycle patrols?”

While there is no single method known to completely prevent crime, Baton Rouge police spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely says, the patrols on horseback, motorcycles, Segways and bicycles are good deterrents.

“The visibility of the horse, motorcycle, Segway and bicycle patrols deter crime when criminals know that they are in an area,” McKneely says.

Casey Rayborn Hicks, spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, says that while they do not utilize horses or Segways for patrolling, using motorcycles and bicycles instead of patrol units has its advantages.

Motorcycle and bicycle patrols afford deputies opportunities to interact with people in the neighborhoods, something they do not have when patrolling in their units, Hicks says. Motorcycles are also used in special operations because of their size, while bicycles are used in neighborhood patrols.

“For this reason, most agencies use various patrol methods depending on the circumstances,” she says.

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