Traffic Tickets

Can you break down the tickets issued and the tickets paid by type of ticket; amount of fine; age and race of offender; and status of ticket (in East Baton Rouge Parish)?

As of December, there were 98,757 tickets issued for red light violations caught by the red-light cameras since they were first installed in February 2008, according to camera vendor American Traffic Solutions and the city-parish.

Of those tickets, 40 percent of motorists did not pay their fines as of the end of last year. Red light tickets are $117. The late fee is $35.

According to the city-parish budget documents, red-light cameras have generated a total of $7.3 million on tickets from red-light cameras through December.

More than $5.6 million is still owed in late fees.

And of the money motorists have paid in fees, only $4.9 million went to the city-parish budget. The rest of the money went to American Traffic Solutions.

Ages and races of offenders are not tracked.

Corporate recycling

Why doesn’t Baton Rouge have corporate recycling? At least in some of the downtown state buildings?

Email response from Susan Hamilton, director of the East Baton Rouge Recycling Office:

“Baton Rouge has a vibrant corporate recycling program that includes hundreds of businesses, including many of the downtown state buildings. The city-parish curbside recycling contractor, The Recycling Foundation, provides single-stream recycling services for businesses and tailors programs to the specific needs of each commercial client. Unlike the curbside recycling program, which is funded by taxpayers through the solid waste user fee (along with weekly garbage and trash curbside collection), businesses contract directly with a local vendor to provide recycling service.”

“The Recycling Office website is a good resource for both businesses and residents? interested in recycling and waste reduction:”