R. Termini says on the Saturday morning before the LSU-Auburn football game he was part of a foursome on the LSU Golf Course.

There were many tailgaters not far from Hole 16, which is near the railroad track and Nicholson Drive:

“When I teed off and the ball went way to the right, I went to the approximate location looking for it.

“Three tailgaters came across the track, and one nice young man asked if I had a ball with a blue dot on it.

“When I said yes, he returned it, and said my ball had come across the track and knocked his beer over.

“I apologized and thanked him, then added, ‘Son, it is 10 a.m. and that is one less beer you will have this morning.’ ”

Team sport

Tom Nielsen says, “Having followed the LSU Tigers since 1951, I have seen the White Team, the Go Team, the Chinese Bandits.

“I have also seen the First Team, the Second Team and the Rest of the Team.

“I think maybe it’s time for LSU to add another team: the Suspended Team.”

Sign language

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says this about a story in The Advocate on digital signs being approved for schools:

“Kids should be told to be careful with digital signs.

“Driving in Baton Rouge traffic often tempts me to use them, but I’m told they may be considered assault.”

Flying predators!

If you thought you were safe from winged invaders in Tara, take a look at this from Maylee Samuels:

“What do you think the large predator bird was that landed in my backyard in Tara around sunset one night?

“It was easily two feet in height, and was busy devouring a squirrel. Didn’t budge while I got quite close.

“It didn’t really look like an owl — could it have been a hawk? It had white on its gray wings, and white legs.

“Wonder if it would go after my 11-pound dachshund?”

(Don’t know, Maylee, but just to be safe I’d trade him in on a Rottweiler. …)

Puzzling gift

For the 25th anniversary of their meeting (a Halloween event they celebrate more than their wedding day) Dudley Lehew presented wife Mary with an unusual gift.

Knowing that she’s a jigsaw puzzle addict, Dudley says he “gathered together pictures of us, from dating pictures to recent ones on an Alaska cruise.

“Our nephew and close friend Charlie Th’ng compiled many of the photos into a collage, which I had made into a 1,008-piece jigsaw puzzle.”

(You ever hear of diamonds, Dudley?)

Tie one on

Bob Baker points out a technological advance you may not have noticed:

“When was the last time you had a shoestring break?

“When I was a kid, my shoestrings had many knots in them.”

Good Samaritans

Pat Tomancik thanks “all the nice people who came to my aid at the Forest Park voting place.

“After I voted, my car conked out on me in an exit lane.

“I called road service and began the wait.

“Three gentlemen pushed my car out of the way, and later one of the three and the wrecker driver pushed it to a place where the flat-bed wrecker could get to it.

“Thanks to the gentlemen, and all the lovely people who offered rides home, or just consolation.

“You meet really nice Baton Rouge citizens in this situation!”

Special People Dept.

  •  Jack R. Jones celebrates his 95th birthday Sunday. Originally from Tupelo and Jackson, Miss., he was a glider pilot in World War II.
  •  Celebrating a 92nd birthday Sunday is Armede M. Smith, of Palmetto.
  •  Jack and Nelda Coffee, of Sunset, celebrate 52 years of marriage Sunday.

Thought for the Day

From Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine: “A child’s greatest period of growth is the month after you’ve purchased the back-to-school clothes.”

Good choice!

Ernie Gremillion says, “When our first grandchild was born, my wife and I were faced with selecting our grandparent names (we had decided we didn’t want Maw Maw and Paw Paw) .

“When I asked my daughter for advice about my name, she asked if my wife had selected hers.

“When I told her that she had chosen Mimi, she responded with, ‘Well then, that makes you Peepee.’

“Though I normally take my daughter’s advice, I opted for Paps instead.”