Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? What are they? Interviews conducted Wednesday at the Mall of Louisiana.

Sylvia Martin, 58

Zachary, registered nurse

“Get healthier.”

Seun Odutola, 28

Baton Rouge, college student

“I will, but I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Joseph Walker, 53

Greenville, Miss., retired

“I usually don’t do it. It usually goes out the window.”

Jessie Fletcher, 51

Livingston, construction worker

“Probably fish more.”

Maurice Rousseve, 35

Edgard, barber

“Become debt free.”

Yvonne Washington, 38

Prairieville, medical assistant

“Probably weight. I’d work on exercising more. And spending more time with my family.”

John Bohning, 19

Ponchatoula, retail worker

“Probably lose some weight and look good for the summer.”

Joey Fitzgerald, 26

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., football coach

“Eat healthier.”

Lori Bourgeois, 24

Baton Rouge, athletic trainer

“Keep going to the gym.”

Kaylee Buxton, 26

Baton Rouge, registered nurse

“Stop shopping as much, and stop spending so much money.”